If you love the story, tell it or write it your way, and don't worry about anything else - just let it unfold. You're a lens. The story is the light. Let the light shine through you.
       -- I am not sure where I heard this, but I love it.
The comments below can be found at amazon.com. I copied and pasted them here, so people could see them. Originally they are posted here.
2/24/2013 03:33:14 am

Where did this author come from? I've never read anything from her but this book is moving, insightful and inspiring. I felt angry, sad, happy and inspired while wrapped up inside its covers. You won't be disappointed.

2/24/2013 03:34:08 am

An insightful and moving book. The author walks you through an interesting series of challenging life events, what led up to those, her struggles to deal with those effectively, and their end results. Ultimately, you are left feeling hopeful and inspired. A book to which many of us can relate even if our coping mechanisms are different. An excellent read.

Casey Hamber
3/8/2013 09:29:24 pm

This tender and gritty book is a coming of age story about struggle and resolution. The author is brutally open and realistic in sharing her deeply poignant walk through addiction and loss. It's an easy read, definitely non-preachy, and brought me literally to laughter and tears. I highly recommend Funerals of the Mind to anyone who wants a `good read' as well as to anyone looking for an honest look inside the thoughts and feelings of an alcoholic's mind.
Another reviewer "can't wait to see what Ms. Meddaugh will say next" -- I couldn't agree more!

3/9/2013 06:49:18 am

A book hasn't grabbed my attention like this in quite some time. The writing is poignant and honest, and a MUST READ for anyone trying to figure out just how to start all over again. As a freshman writer, I look forward to Ms. Meddaugh's growth, and can't wait to see what she'll say next. Thank you, Katherine.

Paul McVey
3/10/2013 01:14:38 am

Funerals of the Mind depicts the author's personal journey through the shades of alcohol addiction. Kate is neither pedantic nor preachy as she invites us to enter her world. She allows us to view her attempts to hide her wine bottles as well as her real feelings trapped by anger and the need to blame others.

Kate makes use of her daily journaling habit to bring the reader to a very personal gaze at her inner thoughts. She employs direct, clear language to entice the reader along at a fast pace matching the intensity of her anxious struggle.

Kate reevaluates herself in the light of the unexpected death of her dad, "Pappy." She drains her body of alcohol and self-blame in an effort to live up to a deathbed promise. She confronts the reality that she is not simply burying her dad but is experiencing a more profound funeral. She needs to bury her own addictive behaviors and to reorder her life. Kate asks her dad to walk with her as a companion and not as a crutch for her sobriety. Kate in turn invites us to walk with her not as a model of sobriety but as a companion in search of joy in life. She accomplishes this with a wry sense of humor and a humbling sense of self.

As a professional working with alcohol dependent persons I believe that we need to assess continually the way we engage others. Kate reminds us that positive results take place not when we attempt to change others but only when we confront our own need to change. I congratulate the author as she brings us to the realization that the burial of our self-destructive habits can lead to a joyous and compassionate acceptance of ourselves.

Dr. Margaret J. Downes
3/10/2013 01:15:26 am

Katherine Seebach's new book, FUNERALS OF THE MIND, is honest and searing: I don't think I've ever before read something as true, as straight--and concise (it's not long)--about the human spirit recovering from the awful things life can throw at someone. Ms. Seebach is very sensitive, very smart--very good at making her points in ways that ANY English-reader will be changed by.

3/10/2013 01:32:20 am

I loved this book. It is a forthright account of what it means to face profound personal loss while struggling with a creeping, definite dependency on alcohol. It delineates the struggles, support of loved ones, and personal strength within to overcome major challenges in life. It reads like your best friend telling you their very personal story while providing you with an invaluable & hopeful message about the ability in us all to overcome.

3/10/2013 01:33:46 am

Katherine Meddaugh's "Funerals of the Mind" is an excellent account of how various life obstacles can lead to challenges with addiction. However, this is not the underlying premise of her book. Rather, it is about hope and how, through the support of loved ones, through the channeling of one's faith, and through strength of the human spirit that one can overcome even what seems to be the most insurmountable of challenges. Ms. Meddaugh's narrative leads the reader on a journey of those "self-statements" that not only can be our biggest downfall, but also can lead to success. The book is a quick read, yet very hard to put down. We are fortunate for the gift of Ms. Meddaugh's inspirational testimony and those that read this book will likely be rewarded with this account of the triumph of the human spirit!

Tracy Jong
3/10/2013 01:34:27 am

The raw truth and emotion of the author take you through her personal journey of learning about herself, tragedy, triumph and life. The story has several lessons and is inspirational on so many levels. The strength of family, marriage, and the human soul are rarely so pervasive in the ordinary everyday affairs of life. The journey she takes the reader through make you believe in things that you may have been doubting recently. I traveled my own journey along the way, reflecting on my own challenges and triumphs, and reaffirming the strength of family and faith.

Ira S. Stein
3/10/2013 08:02:41 am

I bought the kindle edition and basically did not put it down until I finished it - the author really is honest about her struggles with alcohol and the entire book "rang true". I admired her courage in telling her story, and especially her strength in overcoming her addiction and her unwavering conviction about the future. She writes with a very authentic and engaging voice. Would be an inspiration to anyone reading it, especially anyone struggling with addiction issues.

Judith A. Schewe
4/7/2013 09:52:41 am

This book really resonated with me. Beautifully written, truthful and gutsy. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it will help others struggling with addictions.

4/7/2013 09:53:55 am

The author writes in vivid details about very private moments of her life. She also makes you stop and think about how precious life can be. Thank you for sharing the struggles that you have had to overcome. God bless you Katie, you have a beautiful soul.

Patricia Lorenzen
4/7/2013 09:54:36 am

This book was a wonderful read for anyone who may be going through a loved one's addiction issues or who is the addict themselves. The author takes you on an honest, sensitive journey into her addiction and into the lives of all those it affects. She is honest to a fault and while reading you feel like a good friend is sitting with you, telling you about the struggles she faced and how she was able to overcome them. Hats off to her for her ability to share such a personal story with those of us who have been touched in some way by the illness of addiction.

4/7/2013 09:55:07 am

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Kate takes you through her struggles to get over alcoholism and eventually what she goes through after losing her dad and dog to cancer. Definitely a very inspiring individual! An easy read that I finished in 1.5 days.

Eleanor Kane
4/8/2013 10:04:43 pm

Well told story of true recovery and the battle Kate faced. She took ownership to all her feelings and emotions which shows her understanding of recovery. I would recommend anyone in recovery whether in A A or Al-Anon read this book to help them better understand the journey of recovery. Thank you Kate

Deborah Sigrist
4/12/2013 11:12:32 pm

I was most struck by the honesty of the writer; the easy-to-read style, absent of superfluous words or writing meant to "impress." As a person who works with those struggling with death, dying and grief, I was touched by her numerous losses and ability to maintain new-found sobriety throughout the dying of her Father. This author demonstrates resiliency and hope in the midst of the dark times of life. This book lingers in the mind and heart, long after it's put down.

William Benson
4/29/2013 09:45:22 am

I've known Kate almost 20 years. We met and played music together in college and her kindness and incredible positive outlook were infectious. This book fills in the gap between that time and now and I'm honored to have read it. The story is inspirational, personal and lovely. The book has an incredible authenticity to it. One that engages the reader. The narrative is easy to follow if sometimes only slightly disconnected at the most emotional points...one should find themselves engaged and impacted by the writing. Thanks for sharing Kate. Look forward to the next one.

4/29/2013 09:45:45 am

Ms. Meddaugh's straightforward chronicle of her years of addiction and subsequent recovery is told without the "drama" that is all to prevalent in the addiction books of today. The realism of the weeks preceding her father's death from lung cancer makes you feel as if you are taking the journey with her. We know she will come out the victor in her struggle with both alcoholism and the death of her much cherished father. This is a truly absorbing work of a woman's relationships with the people she loves and her resolve to be a better person.

7/18/2013 12:34:32 am

I am an avid reader. However, I don't often read an entire book in one sitting. In the case of this book, I read it in one sitting. It is a moving and very true story about a woman that went through some tough times, found herself with an addiction to alcohol, and yet she managed to move past that and become a stronger person as a result. The narrative is so well written that I felt that I was a witness to many of the events covered in the book. Don't take my word for it, buy the book and read it for yourself. Seriously, why are you still reading this review? You need to click "Add to Cart" and buy it right now and go wait impatiently by your mailbox waiting for it to be delivered! Heck, buy 2 copies and give one to a friend!

7/18/2013 12:35:04 am

Very well written. Touched my heart. I applaud Kate for being so frank with her story. We're all so proud of you Kate for your courage to write this book and for what you were going through with your precious Poppy. You have wonderful strength.

Nicole Taft
8/12/2013 07:54:12 am

This book is truly amazing. I could feel the authors emotions and relate to them. Some parts made me laugh and two parts brought me to tears. I would recommend this novel to anyone who has lost
someone or has struggled with their own identity.

John H.
11/12/2013 12:22:26 am

Excellent book written by a truly inspirational person. It is amazing to see what is going on from the 1st person point of view since I have had many loved ones that struggled with alcohol. Very eye opening.. Thanks to Kate for her honesty and bravery to share this with everyone else. I highly recommend this book.


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